Daily Archives: October 12, 2006

The Gauntlet is thrown–Zumayans’ Workspace no.1

After having posted my workspace, it occurred to me that it would be fun to show other writers’ workspaces, and where else to start? With my colleagues at Zumaya, of course.

Here’s Harvey Sachs’s and what he says about it:

That’s me, Professor Emeritus Sachs pretending to be Ralph Quarterdeck, Irma’s husband in my book of nautical humor, IRMA QUARTERDEK REPORTS. Ralph’s favorite beer is Moosehead, bottled in Canada, and the brewery P.R. lady was kind enough to provide the Tee shirt for this photo. (The old Compaq I computer has been replaced by several upgrades. This was taken in 1995, so my hair is now gray.)

Harvey’s latest novel is a mystery entitled Ben Zakkai’s Coffin. You can access his website, and read about is many published works here. His Work-In-Progress:

THE MYSTERY CLUB AND THE SERIAL WIDOW, fourth in a series of cozy mysteries set in the Rose Plaza retirement home in Portland, Oregon. One way for a woman to improve her circumstances is to marry a rich man who dies suddenly. And another. And another…

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