Music of the stars

This isn’t about Aniston, Damon, or Connery. Whether they can make music I don’t know, and I couldn’t care less. This music is from the real stars, the ones out there beyond our galaxy. Using a science called asteroseismology, astronomers can see “stars produce ghostly whistling, drumming, humming or rumbling sounds” that must be amplified for the human ear.

“For the star, the vibrations start by changes in the passage of energy from the nuclear inferno in the heart of the star on its way to the surface, and escape into space.”

Jenõ Keuler’s and Zoltán Kolláth’s work-in-progress, Stellar Music No. 1 is the first piece ever composed for the heavens. You can hear it here.

Information extracted from the following article: Now downloadable: “music” of the stars

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