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Grog’s Boating Knots Index

HeelingHaving a sailboat means that you have to know your knots. For me, it’s the simplest ones that give me trouble, like the dumb clove hitch.

I’ve had an entry about knots before, with cool videos, but the number of knots where limited. Then my friend Ron Purvis sent me this site: Animated knots by Grog. It’s much more complete, and he’s divided the knots by type: boating, fishing, climbing, etc. The pictures are also animated, and you can go picture by picture or streamed. There’s even a section on rope care. An excellent reference site, even for the seasoned knotters.

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Comments and beautiful photography

LionHaven’t posted a lot these days. I’m enjoying the summer, writing up a storm, doing some editing work, and sailing. We’ve taken to sailing in the evening, when it’s cooler and the wind picks up after a lull around 6pm.

Another reason I haven’t posted much is that I’ve been fighting spam comments. They’ve found a way to massively spam past comments. I’m not the only one who’s suffering from that, we all are. So, until I’ve found a way to block the $%@#!!#$ spammers, I’ve turned off the comments feature.

And as a feast for your eyes, here are some of the most beautiful African wildlife photography I’ve ever seen: Nick Brandt, shown at the Young Gallery.

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