Pregnant Robot

NoelleApparently, most training hospitals are moving away from using real patients to practice on. This includes training on how to assist pregnant women give birth. The solution: Noelle, the pregnant robot.

She can be programmed for a variety of complications and for cervix dilation. She can labor for hours and produce a breach baby or unexpectedly give birth in a matter of minutes.

She ultimately delivers a plastic doll that can change colors, from a healthy pink glow to the deadly blue of oxygen deficiency. The baby mannequin is wired to flash vital signs when hooked up to monitors.

The computerized mannequins emit realistic pulse rates and can urinate and breathe.

If she is bleeding, there will be ample blood in evidence everywhere

Interesting that the article uses “she” instead of “it” to describe the robot, although, from what I could read, it cannot talk.

Unfortunately, Noelle works on electricity. When it was used as a training tool in Afghanistan, who “has the world’s second-highest infant mortality rate”, frequent power failures made her minimally useful.

The article is in Technology Review.

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