Daily Archives: March 15, 2006

Caffeine could kill you

Scientists have discovered the coffee gene:

“…a new Canadian study is suggesting that how caffeine affects the body could depend on your genes.

Scientists at the University of Toronto have uncovered for the first time that there are two groups of people — those whose bodies process caffeine rapidly, and those who detoxify it slowly.

If you’re in the wrong group, drinking caffeine-laden liquids could lead to a heart attack. The interesting part of this study is that it gets the medical community to reassess their blanket statements (such as drinking coffee or red wine can be good for your health).

Imagine that. If everything depends on your genetic makeup, in the future your uniqueness may require a tailor-made lifestyle, from diet to exercise, based on an analysis of your genome. You might look with envy at someone guzzling coffee while you’re drinking soy milk. Break down, have a coffee, and your health policy is null and void. Vee haf vays to know…

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