Neology is a new “mini-blog” from Jed Hartman, who also has Lorem Ipsum. Jed loves the written word, which is evident in his –sometimes quite lengthy– comments.

His blog also sent me to The Future Shock: A three year cross-country adventure to save the world, an interesting concept I’ll spend some time exploring. In Jed’s words:

You may not want to take the time to read through the entire voluminous writeup (especially with all the ancillary materials you can view or listen to by following links), but if any of the above sounds at all intriguing to you, I highly recommend reading parts one and two, and at least skimming parts three, four, and five, and then reading part six. Good stuff.

Thanks to The Mumspimus for pointing me in the direction of Lorem Ipsum.

In the same vein as Neology, The Quipping Queen has a series of extremely weird words to describe the workplace in Witticisms in the Workplace. A few samples:

Bowderlizer: one who purges politically incorrect expressions and off-color remarks from memos, reports and speeches for a living

Cagophilist: a collector of keys, a passion for passe-partout

Dringle: a time-waster extraordinaire

Euphobist: one who fears good news (like the glass is half full).

Puzzomous: a disgustingly obsequious yes person

Skybosher: a practical joker or a loquacious larker who enjoys too much tomfoolery.

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