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Team Player is out

My good friend and colleague’s new novel, Team Player is now availaible from Double Dragon publishing, as an ebook only for the moment.

Speaking of ebooks, there are some new ebook readers coming soon on the market.

Sony is coming up with a reader that uses e-ink (“e-ink forms text by electronically arranging thousands of tiny black and white capsules, creating an experience remarkably similar to reading a printed page” says Burt Helm, of Business Week Online) that’ll cost between $300 and $500 US, the price of an iPod, they say. As opposed to their Librié flop, Sony has teamed up with publishing giants such as HarperCollins who “plans to digitize the entire frontlist and backlist — up to 25,000 titles — and make them available at the Sony store as soon as HarperCollins negotiates royalty rights with authors. Random House, meanwhile, will also offer its entire front- and backlist for sale online — another 25,000 titles.”

iRex technology will be coming up soon (around April 2006) with the Iliad, also using e-ink.

Also using e-ink, Jinke will come out with the V2 with essentially the same features.

Business Week Online also adds:

Then in early ’07, another Philips spin-off, Polymer Vision, and a British startup called Plastic Logic plan to introduce readers that are even more booklike than Sony’s device.

The Polymer Vision reader will roll up like papyrus, while Plastic Logic’s reader will be about as flexible as a magazine.

With paper books sales on the sharp decline, major publishers have finally embraced the ebook technology in the same way music giants have had to accept MP3 technology and work with it.

The positive of these readers is that the screen is much larger than other reading devices, and e-ink makes the reading experience the same, if not better than reading a book, since you can now bookmark, search, highlight, as well as scribbling notes like the memo feature on a PDA, and listen to music. Because they’ll support pdf, html, txt files, the readers can be used for more than reading books.

The Sony Reader is not yet available, but will sell for $350US. If the two other companies were smart, they’d come in way under that for price. Nothing like a bit of competition.

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