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It’s Here!

Meter Made Book CoverWell almost.

I don’t have a copy in my hot little hands, yet, but it’s available for those of you who have been patiently awaiting the sequel to Metered Space. Here’s what the back cover says:

“Jack Meter’s new client has a serious problem–one of his buildings has disappeared into thin air and he wants Jack to bring it back. What Jack discovers is that when he saved the world by destroying his beloved Annie’s clone he damaged the universe, and someone is taking advantage of it. The trouble is, they’re making things worse–and one of them is his exact double. Before he’s done, Jack is going to have the fate of all creation in his hands…again.”

The Paperback version is available, for the moment only at amazon.com. I am hopeful that it will be available in Canada very soon.

The electronic version is available through ebookAd.com

Before you buy, you might want to read Meter Made’s Chapter One.

Metered Space Book Coveramazon.com, amazon.ca, and eBookAd.com. Here’s the backcover blurb:

Jack Meter has had better days. Besides waking up without the hangover he’d worked hard on the night before, he finds himself kidnapped by aliens who want his services as a Private Investigator. Jack isn’t interested: he’d much rather stay drunk so he can forget that Annie, his physicist girlfriend, was killed in an explosion at her lab and died in his arms.
The Thrittene see it differently, and Jack has no choice but to accept the job. As he begins to piece the case together, he realizes everyone lied to him, from the aliens who hired him to his dead girlfriend, who keeps popping up into every world he visits. Soon, Jack uncovers a plot that threatens to destroy his sanity along with the universe.

You can also read Chapter One online.

If you are a blogger and want to write a review of Meter Made, please contact me. You get a free copy of Meter Made out of it!

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