Daily Archives: December 14, 2005

Canadian Politics Below the Border

It looks like our Republican neighbors to the South are getting into the political fray of Canadian elections through the mouth of their ambassador. Not in a positive way, of course, since our current Prime Minister is Liberal (translate that to Democrat) and his opponent, Stephen Harper, a Conservative, is considered to be the most pro-American Federal Party Leader in history.

Even before the elections were incited through Harper’s Party’s vote of non-confidence, Prime Minister Martin has been vocal against the US about their position on softwood lumber, beef, and their non-participation to the Kyoto accord, calling on their “lack of global conscience”. When asked about David Wilkins’ criticism of “trying to score cheap political points by bashing America”, Prime Minister Martin answered indirectly:

“Let me simply say to anyone who wants to question what I have been saying, beginning with (Conservative Leader) Stephen Harper, that I am the prime minister of this country, that our position on climate change will be determined by the government of Canada, that the fact is that we do expect our partners to honour their agreements — and I will defend Canada. Period.”

I must say I’m impressed with Martin’s forceful voice. Despite being dogged by the sponsorship scandal, he’s taken a strong stance on important issues, and has refused to be intimidated by the US and its rethoric, pointing out how their refusal to budge on important Canadian issues is affecting us. The end result, for me anyway, is that the other parties in the election race are coming out as whiny and running to keep up.

It’ll be interesting to see how nasty the speeches will become in January.

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