Browser Frustrations

Get Firefox!
Those of you who visit my blog might observe I’ve changed templates several times. This is not a caprice, but a necessity, since most WordPress templates (the good looking ones, anyway) do not work in Internet Explorer. I happened to notice it only by happenstance, since I don’t use IE at all. I hate IE. It has bugs, it’s extremely sensitive to bugs and viruses, and Windows technicians can’t seem to be able to fix their own code.

For several years now I’ve been using Firefox, from Mozilla. It’s free, Opensource, and works like a charm. It has a choice of cool themes, you can tab sites, bookmarks are super easy to manage. It also features Pop up blocking, search options (Google, Yahoo and others), and smart downloading. Over 100 million of people are now using Firefox.

So, stop using a mediocre browser. Get Firefox. While you’re at it, “reclaim your Inbox” and get Mozilla’s companion emailer, Thunderbird.

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