Daily Archives: November 19, 2005

Love for this World

Sunset is evident in Ladislav Kamarad’s photography. Although he’s taken photographs from all over the world, the pictures from his own Czech country are my favorites. This picture, titled Sunset over the Muzske Kameny – the Giant Mountains, is sensual and hot, even though the rocks are covered with snow. All of the pictures in this series are imbued with great affection.

However, you can decide for yourself by browsing through all of them in this gallery. His pictures of Namibia are stark and stress how arid the country is; Bolivia is a contrast of mountains and plains; Mexico is wildness from the side of the road; Peru, and Pakistan, the peaks; Patagonia is earth and ocean, and wildlife; and Nepal is its people. With the Czech Republic, it’s nature, in all its subdued glory.

Well worth the visit.

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