Daily Archives: November 17, 2005

Take a drug and lose weight

I’m the first one to admit I should lose weight. There’s nothing I would like better than find the magic pill to do so: no fuss, no muss, swallow and lose. A dream diet.
It looks like they’ve developed such a pill. Acomplia, the miracle drug.

[…]the drug helped reduced fat around the waist, increased good cholesterol, lowered signs of inflammation in the blood vessels, and improved the body’s ability to handle insulin.

The drug, they say, is not for “cosmetic weight loss” (rats), but for severely overweight people.

But wait, there one or two catches: the drug can cause severe anxiety and nausea (gee, no wonder the patients lost weight) and once you’re off the drug, the food cravings reappear and you start eating again.

Sheesh. I guess it’s back to a good diet and exercise for me.

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